Intercultural communication

This practical course aims to help managers or individuals communicate effectively with foreigners, deal with them and present themselves properly taking into account different cultures and mentalities during business meetings, trade fairs or by phone and emails.

Communication, with a combination of first impression - body language, is the key for conducting business, especially in the international context. During this course you will improve your understanding of cross-cultural differences, various mentalities like Balkans, Central Europeans and beyond EU. You will also acquire different methods of communication dealing verbally or online and will learn how to transfer information in practice clearly and concisely depending on the needs of your target groups.

You will learn how to:

  • Appear and influence the foreign audience in meetings, to present impressively during events, due to the fact 55% of communication is body language (nonverbal communication), learning and considering what various gestures mean in each culture.

  • Present, speak, express and deal live (verbal communication) - during trade fairs, presentations, business deals, avoiding mistakes based on intercultural differences, thus successfully establishing beneficial relations and reputation among associates, partners, stakeholders, potential clients.

  • Enhance your self-awareness and confidence, especially when interacting with colleagues, from international offices, partners, and business leaders on the phone or online (when are not seen on the screen)

  • Structure and write impactful business emails and other documents; how to understand responces of foreign potential partner, boss or VIP

  • Prepare, contact VIP, conduct trade negotiations with foreigners and leave positive impression while establishing successful business relations.

Living in a globalized world, day by day companies and people are facing the need to effectively speak, write and present themselves mainly in English when doing business abroad or interacting with other cultures. The course will enable everyone, especially executive managers, sales and business development managers,  IT specialists, engineers, investors, doctors, teachers to understand its content without complicated terminology, with practical examples and training situations and simulations in order to help them prepare.


1. Face-to-face

  • Max people 10 – 14
  • Duration: 5 hours
  • Venue: your office, in - house or outside location, depending on preferences and convenience
  • Timing: the cource could be delivered outside normal working hours or during the weekend, subject to discussion
  • Price: from EUR 34 per hour per person excl. VAT, depending on venue, guest lecturers and timing

2. Online Training

  • Max people 5 -7
  • Duration: 5 Hours
  • Via: Skype/Viber/Messenger/Whatsapp
  • Timing: the cource could be delivered outside normal working hours or during the weekend, subject to discussion
  • Price: starting from EUR 25 per hour per person excl. VAT