Effective Personnel
(improvement of day-to-day organizational skills and internal communications)

This practical course aims to improve the overall working process between employees and top management in order to achieving company’s goals and to build up effective relationships.

They will learn  how to:

  • Create successful internal communications within the organization and to become more motivated and productive

  • Improve their organizational skills – to organize themselves individually (work area- desk, computer, folders) at a working place and to on department level in order to be more efficient

  • Become more responsible and to realize the importance of company’s image – thus how to behave adequately during crisis situation, and the management to get control over it if it occurs.

  • Enhance their self – confidence and positive approach when interacting with other colleagues and managers, which is beneficial for internal communications

  • Prepare for a report, an important presentation, consultation or meetings and to improve their personal appearance and what not to wear.

  • Control stress, find faster decision to solve problems, how to proceed in fast changing terms and to maintain healthy lifestyle keeping balance between work and personal life.

Every successful and clever executive realizes the power of his/her team. Once a CEO said: “My personnel is my force, fortune”. He knows very well that the human capital is bringing the company’s profit. If you have powerful, well organized and successfully communicating team the whole company will function like a machine speeding up to make its profit. The short cut to effective staff is in practical training and understanding of the importance of internal relations. The course will enable everyone to understand its content without complicated terminology, with practical examples, techniques and simulations based on real situations in order to improve effectively working flows at all levels.

1. Face-to-face

  • Max people 10 – 14
  • Duration: 5 hours
  • Venue: your office, in-house or outside location, depending on preferences and convenience
  • Timing: the cource could be delivered outside normal working hours or during the weekend, subject to discussion
  • Price: from EUR 29 per hour per person excl. VAT, depending on venue, guest lecturers and timing

2. Online Training

  • Max people: 5 -7
  • Duration: 5 hours
  • Via: Skype/Viber /Messenger/Whatsapp
  • Timing: the cource could be delivered outside normal working hours or during the weekend, subject to discussion
  • Price: starting from EUR 20 per hour per person excl. VAT