Effective Customer Service

This practical course aims to improve communication and sales skills of all employees and managers who communicate directly with customers, to provide better quality in services and to increase number of satisfied clients and sales.

You will learn how to:

  • Build and maintain successful customer relations

  • Acquire positive manner and to communicate in a way not to lose the clients and realize sales

  • Deal, negotiate better when have to sale or buy goods/services of partners, subcontractors

  • Communicate on the phone, via email and face-to-face including how to keep the correspondence with clients

  • Communicate with difficult clients

  • Cope with problems, complaints, misunderstandings, postponed delivery, third parties

  • Prepare for a report, an important presentation, consultation or meetings with clients

  • Improve your personal impact and impress clients with appearance

For every business, one of the major goals is to attract and keep the clients. Nowadays it is even more important because of globalization, economic crisis and emigration of classy, qualified personnel. Therefore, to provide perfect services to customers, especially to loyal clients it is of great importance. Often, we are all victims of unprofessional and negative approach coming from an office manager or front office staff or sales managers, when we go shopping or inquire about information, prices, product or services via email, phone, live, with the intention to buy. And often, deal is not concluded, no payment, due to bad treatment or unknowledgeable, ineffective, unqualified people.

The course will enable any front-desk staff like assistants, office managers, receptionists, administration, sales/ executive managers; trade/financial agents, distributors, buyers, real estate agents and personnel providing direct trade service in hospitality industry, in small or big shopping places or in call – centers to treat clients in the best possible manner and to deliver qualified customer services. Methods are based on practical examples, techniques and simulations in order to achieve successful sales and boost company’s image and profit.


1. Face-to-face

  • Max people 10 – 14
  • Duration: 5 hours
  • Venue: your office, in-house or outside location, depending on preferences and convenience 
  • Timing: the cource could be delivered outside normal working hours or during the weekend, subject to discussion
  • Price: from EUR 29 per hour per person excl. VAT, depending on venue, guest lecturers and timing

2. Online Training

  • Max people: 5 -7 
  • Duration: 5 hours 
  • Via: Skype/Viber /Messenger/Whatsaap
  • Timing: the cource could be delivered outside normal working hours or during the weekend, subject to discussion
  • Price: starting from EUR 20 per hour per person excl. VAT