Many people think that PR specialists mostly write press releases or that they have to deliver new clients, but their role is beyond. PR practitioners are responsible for building postitive communication and reputation of the organization or individual, to create and manage srong and successful connections with your target groups, in order to defend your interests. PR experts have to speak, to react and enact when necessary in front of journalists, especially during crisis situation but before it occurs – these specialists have already analyzed your problems or strengths and are ready with a plan (anti-crisis) for the best reaction. PR professionals are also people with knowledge about various areas like human resources, marketing, policy, economy, culture, entertainment, sport and etc. They have to be able to define your problems and like doctors to treat the weak points blocking your faster growth. Often, the successful result is not showing up so fast and the process of development is not so speedy as we imagine it– it is not immediately visible like after having your car repaired and painted, or seeing your photos edited with a program for example.

The best comes when you realize that creative ideas, strategic planning and implementing the organization’s efforts to influence or change public attitudes are not delivering money fast. Before climbing the top and staying there, it is nice to remember fairy tales like " Little Red Riding Hood " and to try to understand why the main character is so popular. It is because her name and positive image are spread out through generations via word of mouth and no spots, no billboards or other very expensive tools. Often managers throw their money on expensive adverts. It is due to the fact, they see at least what they are paying for – TV spot is visible, you can hear it. The question is for how long?! It is clear - for short-term period. Isn’t it better to bet on effective PR strategy, a story-tale which is not so expensive but lasts longer in minds?

Obviously some people do not know what the advantages of deploying PR tools are (press / video releases, newsletters, social media content, news conference, tours, product launch events, speaking engagements and other) and think that the result will come somewhere, sometime in the future. But though slowly and not so noticeable in the beginning, once the name (story) is created and remembered with good words based on communication campaigns it stays longer in minds and leads sooner or later to a profit. Just like in the fairy tale about Little Red Riding Hood – everyone knows it from a book, likes it and retells it using word of mouth and the name keeps its fame. Nowadays, various fairy tales function as brand names, for example in social media like Facebook.